Central State Graduate Jazmyne Byrd Creates Entertainment Site For Black College Students

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

CEO of Divah Filez, Jazmyne Byrd, is on a mission to create and foster content for HBCU students by HBCU students.

A 2009 graduate of Central State University, Jazmyne graduated with Bachelor’s Degrees in both Psychology and Communications. Writer, and Journalist, Jazmyne or “Divah J” has been using her pen in the writing world for quite some time. Contributing writer for various magazines like Sister 2 Sister, Sheen Magazine, and The Hype, Byrd decided to venture out and create a site all her own.

Two years ago, she created The Divah Filez for HBCU focused content where students can to stay up to date with all things pop culture related. Byrd states, “I wanted us to cover everything that an HBCU student would want to know about.”


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