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The Ultimate Set of Classes to Set you up for SUCCESS


As a business owner, I have had to navigate in the dark. When I started The Divah Filez in 2014 I had absolutely no clue what I was doing, I stumbled and failed so many times that success actually scared me. Until I released that its all apart of the process. 9 years later I created one of the most innovative and visible HBCU Brands around, The Divah Filez but trust me our humble beginnings could never make me forget where I came from Now that I'm seasoned with more than 8 years under my belt, its time to help others get the assistance they need to succeed. On 11/16/22 on my grannys 81st birthday (Happy Birthday Grandma), I'm launching the School of Jazz, where black owned businesses can learn key skills and new ways to elevate their brand. Its my pleasure to help you grow.

Jazz Classes


Getting Reel with Jazz

You will teach you how to monetize your Instagram platform and increase your numbers. This 1 hour course with teach your the in's and outs of the popular social media platform and how you can grow it. 


How to create an effective brand ambassador program- 

This is for businesses to be able to build and extension of their business to increase the visibility of your company. 


How to become a brand ambassador

This is for models, makeup artists, hair stylists, and future influencers. Jazz will teach you the steps to get noticed by brands worldwide and be able to monetize your social media


The Advertising Effect

Advertising is one of the most effective ways to increase the visibility of your brand and make people notice you. Whether through social media, magazines, or billboards all are necessary to increase your business. 

Each course is numbered to reflect significant years in my life. From birth, to high school graduation, to college graduation to the birth of my first business. This signifies the elevation and growth of me.

Happy registration. 

Each Class is $35 and to be paid via the website.

Hi Jazmyne, 


The IG reels training by Jazmyne Byrd, The Divah Filez was awesome. I have so many takeaways and actions. The individual IG audits were just what we needed. I’m going to make sure to stay consistent, hashtags matters, and it’s not about the likes, it’s about views. Tips on reels monetization and the differences between brand & friend ambassadors. Thanks for helping with the success of our businesses.

Tiffani Teachey

Robb Walters

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